Kali Mask

by Diana Silva


"During a visit to the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, I found in Holy Trinity Church cemetery garden from the XVII century, a piece of a skull. This take me immediately in to a idea for a distant past, my tragic accident here I broked and lost a part of my skull. I was living at this time in Birmingham City, near to Children's Hospital. Exactly where was made my cranial prosthesis. Kali mask was made as a reliquary to honor the human being who owned this bone and also to celebrate my past when I was dancing with Kali, the indian death goddess. In the shade were used various materials such as mother of pearl this material closely linked to the Renaissance, the mother's womb; the wild boar skin and deer antler accounts lead us ace masks used in shamanic rituals by the Celts, Anglo -Saxons, Macondes... the fine silver and connected me with the magic energy and purifies and the iron means power and constructive energy."


Color: silver, red, brown

Primary Material: Bone,  silver fine wire, anodized copper wire, iron wire, mother-of-pearl, hematite beads, glass beads,  sealing wax, deer horn, boar feather, wood, silk yarn and band, avocado seed, quartz, rebuilt white coral, pearls

Length in centimeters: 23

Width in centimeters: 25

Height in centimeters: 50

Weight in grams: 1000