About 77ArtDesign

About 77ArtDesign


I am Vanda Guerreiro, the creator of “77ArtDesign”. I am a creative producer an artist and a passionate advocate functional art in contemporary life....
Functional Art, is not design and it is not art! Functional art is a representation of a new attitude that we are witnessing; a new paradigm.

As a creative producer I work with all kind of creative people, from musicians to architects, from writers to astrophysicists. My approach is in the tools of the free association and freethougth.

In 77ArtDesign I work globally with artists whose reflects my thinking and aesthetic, who create functional art that sit somewhat outside of the mainstream, offering an alternative to “mass market production”.

77ArtDesign are a conduit between the artist and the art lover. An online gallery with objects of art and design from my self and other creators. A territory without borders, for artistic expression.


Watch the video to learn more: