Natercia Caneira "Free Association" - Artist in Residence

This new project is the latest big thing ! 
“Free Association” is a 3 days - Artist in residence - By 77 Art Design. 

Surrounded by wild nature and hosted in an amazing over the top artist studio, you will be immersed in a slow-living-mood that brings you to rediscover your creative freedom.

Vanda Guerreiro, creative director of 77Art Design, takes you into this unique environment. With a certain kind of closeness yet no sense of invasion, hosting you and your ideas, Vanda is mastering the art of guidance, enabling you to look and explore beyond your own limits.


77ArtDesign Project “Free Association” - 3 days residence about Natércia Caneira life and work.

Digital Catalog, watch here:

Natércia Caneira web site:

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