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Steven Day - United States -

"STEVEN DAY (born 1965 in Newport Beach, California) is a New York based artist working in painting, photography and video. He received his MFA in  painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. San Francisco, CA 1994. He was awarded the Sigma Delta Chi (SPJ) Award for photography in 2010, and the Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant or Film and Photography in 2009.

Steven Day formed NICE in 2003. His T shirts have been sold in stores and art galleries in New York City, Los Angeles, and Berlin, Germany

Steven Day’s new T-shirt designs channel Klaus Nomi (1944–1983), a German singer with 'an otherworldly stage persona'. Nomi moved to New York City in the 1970’s and immersed himself in the East Village art scene. In 1978 he performed "New Wave Vaudeville”. (1) His music was known for mixing both classical opera with synthethized electronic American 1960s pop."

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