Sofia Beça

Sofia Beça - Portugal -

"Member International Academy of Ceramics.
Since 1997 exhibited in: Spain; Japan; Portugal; Netherlands; Tunisia; Austria; Egypt; Italy; Germany;
Amakusa Ceramic Art, Japan, Ceramic Symposium, Argentina, International Culla Art, Spain, Symposium Ceramics, Greece, Internationale Céramique, Tunisia, Keramik Symposium, Austria, International Symposium Ceramics, Egypt; International Symposium Ceramics, Turkey, Goseong International Ceramics, South Korea, International Ceramic Symposium Changchung, China, International Artistic Residence, Dehua, China, International Ceramic Symposium, Russia; Artistic residence Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China.    
Honorable Mention International Biennial Manises, Spain; 1st Prize Mural Ceramics, L`Alcora, Spain. 2nd Prize VII Artistic Ceramics Biennial of Aveiro; 2nd Prize 4th Biennial Ceramics Marti Royo, Spain; 2nd Prize XV International Contest Valladolid, Spain; 1st Prize International Ceramics of L'Alcora, Spain."

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