Shenhav Russo

Shenhav Russo - Israel -

"Shenhav's inspiration comes from the world’s wide-open vistas. The Ivory Coast, the African French Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, is the place she owes her name (Shenhav being the Hebrew equivalent for “ivory”).
Taught by her mother to crochet ornamental mats at a tender age, Shenhav quickly took pride in crocheting the tightest of stitches, lending her creations a captivating, almost machined precision. Her natural curiosity and inventiveness took things further, bringing her to passionately explore crochet techniques in adulthood, and ultimately transform, refresh and adapt an ancient craft to the design sensibilities of modern times. The true hidden beauty of her art form lies in her ability to create anywhere and everywhere. A reel of thread, some gleaming natural stones or crystals, a crochet needle and her imagination are all she needs."

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