Monique Lecouna

Monique Lecouna - Argentina - I´m a visual artist. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied at the National University of Fine Arts and did my postgraduate studies in Painting and Visual Arts.

Nowadays, jewelry is my way of expressing, the language that I choose. In addition to beautifying, a jewel has the power of communication, of transmitting a message. And the body is the support of it.

I always start my pieces from objects that I unexpectedly find, giving them a new life. This objects help me to tell a story. My works are a reflection of the apparently insignificant, what is imperfect.

Since 2013 that I participate in exhibitions in different cities of the world. This are some:

-Parcours Bijoux, Paris, France, 2013, 2017, 2020
-Alliages, Lille, France, 2018, 2019
-Melting Point, Valencia, Spain, 2018, 2020
-SNAG Conference, Chicago, USA, 2019
-Collectiva, Porto, Portugal, 2018
-Platina Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

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