João Cezanne

João Cezanne - Portugal -

"Reuse is my main moto.
As a photographer and filmmaker I’ve always been in love with light. That said, my creations have the purpose of giving any old item a new life.
I also want to remind that if a machine or piece is in working condition, light will be added without breaking the item. Although it can limit it’s normal use most of the times, like using the keys in a typewriter machine, for turning on and off light, limits the use of using it for writing, obviously. Only if an item is already broken or with no chances of coming to work again, I feel free to modify it, do transformations to it’s original look with no turning back.
Preserving as much as possible the originality of the piece is the target.
Prices for sending/post must be asked at the post office individually due to different size, weigh and package necessities.
I also accept orders to transform pieces from clients.
Save the planet."

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