Isabel Quaresma

Isabel  Quaresma - Portugal -

I initiated my studies with a Fashion Designer Course in Citex, I then developed  a strong professional connection with the textile industry, I did a Postgraduate course in Textile Design,  in Florence I am graduated in Fine Arts,  in the area of Painting, where I concluded my Masters in Drawing and Printing Techniques, focusing my  investigation on the intersection between Drawing, Textile and Body.

Currently, my  work is developed between Painting, Drawing and Video, where textile assumes itself as a means of conceptual, formal and plastic research. This variable printed into textile involves not only my artistic work but also the courses given, where the most important issue is to work in the intersticial places amongst different subjects.

I am using textile as an idea or as material  to connect the universal issues.I have a fundamental intereste by the tension generate by sense  of  the optical an the haptic  of my pratice.I have exhibit my  work as a Visual  Artist since 2002


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