Costin Tira-Radulescu

Costin Tira-Radulescu - Romania - For me, handcrafting jewellery is magic. It’s alchemy, it’s a child’s play and it’s a day’s work. It’s all of these, and then some.

I find it intriguing and exciting to find geometry and order in the apparently random behavior of melted metal, in fusing together different alloys, when merely a second makes the difference between shape and chaos.

My design process starts with an idea, a theme and goes further along as the shapes start to appear, as textures are born and speak to me. Sometimes it’s just a whisper, other times it feels like an articulated conversation. But it’s always there, if you stop to listen.

One of my main inspirations is metal itself, along with the playful gemstones, with their perfect natural imperfections. All my pieces are hand fabricated and bear the marks of that, as yet another perfect imperfection.

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